What is Web Scraping?
Published on 1/5/2018
Alexander Evenhuis
Founder and Chief Software Engineer, Huis Digital (HD)
The scraping process is an important process for several business. Industries that use web scraping to drive real world results are: retail, real estate, financial services, marketing, government research.
The concept of web scraping is briefly: extracting, from the web, data that is important to your business.
The challenge in providing quality web scraping services involves the following factors:
  1. There is a lot of useful data on the web
  2. There is also a lot of data that may not be useful for your business case
The quality of your web scraper will dependent to a large extent on its ability to determine what is important data and what is not important.
Depending on your web scraping needs, it may make sense to use a pre-built solution. There are several web scrapers from windows based, mobile, or as a chrome add-on that are able to fully meet business needs in certain scenario. A pre-built solution that I have used in the past to meeting client needs is Web Scraper by Martins Balodis. You can check out their work here: Web Scraper for Google Chrome
In other cases you will require a custom application to meet your web scraping needs. One example of a case where you may need a custom solution is if you need the web scraper to integrate in a specific way with an existing system. In this case, it would make more sense for your business to have a custom web scraper.
Web scrapers can be exciting projects to work on for all parties involved. If you are building a web scraper or have had a web scraper provide your business with real world value, I encourage you to reach out, even if only to enthuse about the power and benefits of web scraping.
Alexander Evenhuis
Founder and Chief Software Engineer, Huis Digital (HD)

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